This is a unique opportunity for people to become biologists for a few days

The Blue World Institute has been involved in research on the endangered bottlenose dolphin populations in the Adriatic Sea for almost three decades. Throughout these years, our volunteering programme has played a pivotal role in securing research longevity. By joining the programme, you will help in running the field research including collecting scientific data and learning how to manage and analyse it. This is a unique opportunity for people from different vocations to become biologists for a few days and experience how the research on wild bottlenose dolphins is done. Eco-volunteering is organised during the summer, when the weather conditions are stable and the number of observations is high. It is actually possible to observe as many as 50 dolphins in one day. In return for your help, we will make your stay in one of the most beautiful Croatian islands worthwhile. The island of Lošinj, where our eco-volunteering base is located, offers plenty of outdoor activities and fantastic experience. The eco-volunteering programme is both enjoyable and rewarding in terms of learning, exploring, and team building.

The schedule varies depending on the weather and sea conditions as well as research priorities. A typical cycle is made of following elements.

Day 1 – Arrival day: use this day to relax after your trip, get familiar with the well-equipped house, beautiful beaches, and the charming little maritime town. We hold a joint dinner in the evening, introduce you to the programme and let everybody get to know each other. This gets quite interesting when people from all over the world sit together at the same table.

Each person on board has a specific task to fulfil

Days 2 to 8 – if weather conditions permit, you will join the researchers in fieldwork activities. Working hours on the boat depend on the area surveyed and current research needs. Sometimes we will spend 14 hours on the boat, some days only three, but the adventure is unforgettable. Upon sighting animals of interest such as bottlenose dolphins or sea turtles, each person on board has a specific task to fulfil: researchers will take photos for identification and your task will be recording information such as the number and breakdown of animals, their behaviour or sea conditions. However, you will also have time to record your memories with your camera while we are surrounded with marine wildlife. If not out at sea, the team remains at the Lošinj Marine Education Centre, where you will help managing data collected elsewhere and participate in lectures and educational activities, which gives you an opportunity to enrich your knowledge. Working hours when at base are usually 9 am to 3 pm. Out of hours you may visit venues on the island, enjoy its beauty by discovering new paths and beaches for swimming and snorkelling.

Day 9 – Departure day, there is no fixed time for you to leave the house; there are no boat surveys conducted on departure day.

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  • Terms and conditions: The BWI does not provide eco-volunteering as commercial, profit making service. Eco-volunteering is organised as a training course offered to the BWI members and the amount charged is to cover course expenses. Hence, along with your request to participate you will be required to fill in the BWI membership form once you arrive. Your membership will last for one year. The BWI aims to process your request for eco-volunteering within 5 working days of receipt of an online form Monday to Friday (Central European Time). However, to permit for all eventualities please allow up to 14 days for the e-mail notification to be received. After notification, the BWI will hold your booking for a period of two weeks, from the time of receipt, within which a deposit of 50% of the total course fee must be made. Full payment of the course fee must be received 30 days prior to the start of the stage or negotiated directly with the volunteer coordinator. If either payment is not made on time, the BWI will not be held responsible if your place is taken by other applicants. The BWI will refund 80% of the total amount actually received by the organisation, if you cancel your participation within 30 days of course commencement. However, the BWI will not refund received payment, if your cancellation is less than 30 days. Notice of cancellation will be accepted if you send it by email to the volunteer coordinator. The BWI will fully refund the cost of the course in case of a cancellation due to technical or logistical reasons. The BWI will not be held responsible for any other resulting damages beyond the cost of the course. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then you cannot apply for participation in the programme. For privacy policies please see Terms of Use. Notice of cancellation will be accepted if you send it by email to the volunteer coordinator and receive receipt confirmation.